If you are looking for the healthy diet which will help you to lose 14 pounds in 20 days.

You are in the right place because mixed vegetable and protein diet will help you not only lose pounds but will fill your body with energy.

At the same time this is a very healthy diet and it can be used during physical exercises.

The mixed diet is 20 days long and based on alternation of protein rich products and vegetable products.

The mixed diet starts from 2 hungry days. During these days it is recommended to consume 1 litre of low-fat milk, 1 glass of fresh tomato juice, 2 slices of black bread (divide this amount on two days)

After that follows 2 days with protein rich food:

Morning: 1 slice of black bread covered with half teaspoon of sunflower-seed oil, one cup of coffee or tea with milk without sugar.

Lunch at 1 p.m.

One cup of meat or fish broth, slice of boiled meat or fish, 1 teaspoon of green peas, 1 slice of black bread.

Snack at 4 p.m.

1 glass of low-fat milk or a cup of tea with one teaspoon of honey.

Dinner at 7 p.m.

Choose one of the following options:

1 slice of boiled meat or fish

2 slices of low-fat ham

1 boiled egg

50 g of low-fat cottage cheese

1 glass of low-fat organic yogurt with 1 slice of black bread

Next 2 days are fruit and vegetable days:

Morning: 2 apples or an orange.

Lunch at 1 p.m.

Vegetable soup mixed with one teaspoon of vegetable oil, 1 slice of black bread, vegetable salad made of white cabbage, carrots and cucumbers.

Snack at 4 p.m.

1 fruit of your choice.

Dinner at 7p.m.

Salad made of white cabbage and cucumbers, 1 slice of black bread, 1 glass of tea with one teaspoon of honey.

Repeat this list again beginning from 2 hungry days for the next 14 days.

If you will follow this diet correctly you will see results already after the first 6 days.

There are various side dishes that you can make to go alongside a nice, juicy steak. You might want to serve a hot vegetable side dish or perhaps you prefer a salad. Remember that salads do not have to be boring.
If you are taking the trouble to cook a delicious steak and perhaps using a flank steak marinade to give it plenty of flavor, it is also a good idea to make a flavorful side dish to go alongside it.
A boring heap of lettuce would not look good on the plate with the meat and it would turn what would otherwise be a gourmet meal into something a bit uninspiring. So how do you make an exciting side dish to go with meat, which is not going to overpower the flavors you used in your steak marinade recipe?
The salad you make depends on a few things. First of all, if you are using a richly flavored steak marinade recipe, you will not want to serve a very strong flavored side dish because the flavors are likely to clash. Neither will you want to use the same flavors in it that you are using in the flank steak marinade because contrast is the key to a successful recipe.
A richly flavored piece of meat in a red wine-based flank steak marinade would be nice served with a crisp salad. You can combine some basic ingredients like leaves, cucumber, and green onions to make it and perhaps even serve some potato salad on the side to give a pleasing contrast.
Use a store-bought dressing or make your own. A simple combination of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar makes an easy yet effective dressing. Add a few drops of lemon or lime juice to give it a zing.
When it doubt, keep things easy. Choose some nice leaves such as arugula and toss them with some thinly sliced cucumber, pitted black olives, and green onions to make a basic dish. If you want to add anything wet or slimy to the salad, like tomato wedges, avocado or strawberries, do this just before serving it, so the leaves do not get soggy.
The highlight of the meal should be the meat itself with the other ingredients there to offer a contrasting look, flavor, and texture. You can stick with green ingredients or make a colorful salad.
There is nothing wrong with a lettuce, green onion, cucumber, and avocado dish if you only want to use one color, or you could add tomatoes, olives, fresh pineapple, or beans for some color.
Use your imagination and let your creativity guide you. Since there are so many ways to make these recipes, it is very difficult to mess it up (unlike your meat – make sure you keep an eye on that while it cooks!)

Choosing the Best Salad to Go With a Steak