The body needs carbohydrate to function properly. There are so many new programs popping up every day on the market that it is hard to make a sound decision about which diet to use to lose the extra pounds that you have been waiting to shed. Some of your friends may be on a diet that looks very good in the beginning, they seem to be losing the weight only to come back a few weeks later discourage and gaining all the weight back and some more. The body needs carbohydrate to function properly, if you were to go on a low carb diet you may not have enough energy to keep going. Low carb diets - do they work?

The thing about carbohydrate is that it provides the body energy to be able to operate. Any extra carbohydrate that the body takes will be stored away as fat for future use. Not a good thing if you are on a diet. On the other hand, if you are on a low carb diet, the body will start using the stored carbohydrate, also called glycogen, to use as energy. In that process water is released and you falsely think that you are losing weight.

When you are on a low carb diet and seem to be losing weight at the beginning. In fact, you are only losing water as a result of burning the extra carbohydrate. Going on a low carb diet, in a way gives you the false impression that you are losing weight when in reality you are only losing water. You'd be better off going on a diet where you eat less calorie than you consume. That way you'll be losing real weight, fat and all.

If you combine your diet with exercise, while consuming less calorie than the body needs, your diet will be a success. You can even afford to eat a bit of junk food now and again to keep the interest up and you'll still be doing fine. The point is to eat mostly healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, whole wheat, grains, salad, green tea and lots of water. Now that you know that the low carb diet don't really work, it is up to know to take action and start losing weight the right way.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is based on a food pyramid that includes fruits and vegetables, starchy carbs, dairy and proteins. Any amount of fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, lean protein and fats healthy for the heart can be eaten anytime. Eating foods that have a small quantity of calories in large quantity amounts is how this diet works.
According to the Mayo Clinic diet you can help your heart by bringing down the risk of heart disease, type two diabetes and cancer. By eating a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet you can reach a healthy weight that will produce better health in your body.
The internet website of e-diets is where you can obtain the diet plan for the Mayo Clinic Diet. The site includes tips for eating out, the do’s and dont’s of weight loss, reports and charts of your results, suggestions for daily servings, different ways to have the same meal plans and lifestyles, shopping lists for ingredients, and menus that are personalized to you for each week you are on the diet.
The Mayo Clinic Diet is one in which you have to stick to because it is not restrictive in what you eat. It is a long term way to have a healthy lifestyle without the stress of most diets. All in all the Mayo Clinic diet is a way of living a healthy life.
One anti-oxidant rich food that can be a strong addition for a person using the Mayo Clinic Diet is the Hoodia plant. Hoodia grows wild in the African desert. Natives have used the plant for many generations as a natural health remedy. Hoodia contains many nutrients that are typically absent in the average American diet. The Hoodia can help in avoiding diseases such as Cancer, Gout, and Parkinson’s. Another feature of Hoodia that is important for dieters is that it increases the metabolic rate and improves the ability to rapidly burn unneeded calories. Therefore it can assist any dieter in avoiding cravings and improving their ability to burn fat. A site that offers a trial of the Hoodia supplements is offered at Hoodia Diet Plan [].

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